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An addition to the Centrepoint Family, Centrepoint HealthCare is designed to address the needs of everyone regardless of rank or faction affiliation, both emergency and long term healthcare. The Centrepoint name is one of honesty and trust in trade and business. The highest ethical principles will be maintained and the customers and patients of Centrepoint HealthCare can have faith in the care and supplies they receive. Operating out of Topwara, customers can expect their supplies delivered to them. Emergency Frigates and Sprints are also available to respond to natural and man-made disasters in all sectors of the Galaxy. Contact Lorien Gray for information on joining the team or about placing orders for needed supplies. If there is a crisis that needs immediate attention, pop into the Centrepoint public IRC room (#centrepoint) and leave a message with any of the Centrepoint leaders (Togan Jano, Kerri Manchester, Lorien Gray). Life is Pain, but we make life better.
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