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Lorien Gray
Year 15 Day 237
by Surgeon General Lorien Gray
e, at Centrepoint HealthCare, are pleased to announce that, due to the changes that have recently occurred in the galactic economy, we are adjusting our prices more in line with the conditions that now exist.

Starting today our pricing will be as follows:
Bacta Tank - Cost 5,500,000 per batch.
Medikit - Cost 975,000 per batch.
Bacta Refill - Sold in a Batch of (20) - Cost 395,000 per batch.
Healing Stick - Sold in a Batch of (35) - Cost 315,000 per batch.
Bacta Patch - Sold in a Batch of (50) - Cost 250,000 per batch.
Antidote - Sold in a Batch of (35) - Cost 395,000 per batch.
StimPack - Sold in a Batch of (22) - Cost 525,000 per batch.
Laser Scalpel - Sold in a Batch of (50) - Cost 375,000 per batch.

We are now offering free delivery of the above items anywhere in the Galaxy to celebrate the completion of our expansion project into the Nentan System which now allows us to service our valued customers from either the Ottega System or the Nentan System.

Another important update to our prices is that, due to our increase in Civilization Level and experience with the procedures, our Cybernetic Procedures have not only shown a decrease in price but we are also experiencing an increase in our success rate. For example, Arms: have decreased to 37,524,500 credits, Eyes have gone to 8,692,900 credits and all other, with exception of legs, are now 27,258,140 credits.
Lorien Gray
New Cybernetic SurgiCentre!
Year 14 Day 132
by Surgeon General Lorien Gray
Centrepoint HealthCare is proud to announce the grand opening of its new state of the art Cybernetic Surgicentre in the Ottega System. The Centre is fully staffed with highly qualified surgeons and assistants and located in an area known for its high civilization level. Our prices include the appropriate cybernetic unit at no additional charge and a complimentary immersion in a Bacta Tank is also included at no charge at the end of the operation to help restore your health points.

Your account will be automatically charged when the operation begins and the approximate charge for the operation is as follows:
Legs: 45,500,000 credits
Arms: 38,000,000 credits
Eyes: 9,000,000 credits
All others: 28,000,000 credits

Please contact Surgeon General Lorien Gray for an appointment and further information.
Togan Jano
Newsfeed online
Year 13 Day 339
by Governor-General Togan Jano
The Centrepoint Healthcare newsfeed is now online!
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